Campus Bliss

The photography studio is one place that I really feel at home on campus. Over the past few weeks in my Digital Photography class, we’ve been in the studio setting up and taking down sets to photograph human subjects with proper lighting. These are some of the pictures I’ve taken before or during a shoot. There’s something about the atmosphere of a photography studio that really calms me. Everything just seems right.






The following are photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks of classmate and friend Laura for assignments. You can find her blog here. Look forward to more pictures of Laura in the future as she’s a great model and so fun to work with!

DSC_0321IMG_1016 IMG_0994  DSC_0309


2 thoughts on “Campus Bliss

  1. Great post! I can relate to how you’re feeling! My love for photography is really growing and being in the studio really makes happy lol.


  2. Great roster of photos, Rachel! I agree, the studio really is starting to feel like our second home. I remember how intimidating it felt the first time we used studio equipment, but now I have developed a certain confidence in that room!


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