iPhone cameras do not compare to the quality of a dslr when it comes to anything you’re photographing, so why stick to your cell phone for your selfies?! Not one of us, especially me, can truthfully say they haven’t snapped a pic or two when their make up looks just right or it happens to be a good hair day. And the whole reason to snap a #selfie is to share with your friends. That’s why I’m sharing these with you!

Now, like any selfietographer knows, you can take 300 pictures and end up with only 3 good ones. Here are the three best ones I took; two featuring my handsome boyfriend!



DSC_0800All three photographs were taken right by the window in my dorm so any natural light flowing in is what I/we used. The first was on a really nice, sunny day. The second one was take when it was rainy and gloomy. The third was taken on a pretty sunny day and I used the effects built into my camera to make the photo black and white.


3 thoughts on “#selfie

  1. I love this post! I’m definitely guilty of taking selfies with almost any device capable of taking photos. I take them everywhere–on the go, on buses, heck, even in public bathrooms. I guess when your hair looks good, you want the world to see it! I’m kind of interested in buying the selfie stick!


  2. Awww, cute photo’s! I tried taking photo’s using my DSLR and it’s a little bit difficult to do. I agree with you, we can take so much pictures and end up with only 2-3 good pictures haha


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