Food for Thought

Food. Food. Foooooood….

In this case, dessert. Dessert. Desssseerrrrttt….

Already just thinking about it my mouth is watering! But just between you and I, dessert is for stuffing in your mouth, not photographing. Not for me anyway, let’s leave that to the professionals.

In all honesty, I was pretty bummed about this assignment as I thought I was going to be way better at it. Boy, was I wrong. Very, very wrong.

Let’s break it down.

First of all, the concept I had in mind was the best part. I was going for a New Year’s Eve snack platter vibe. I had chocolate chip cookies (delicious), chocolate straws (equally delicious), and some sort of coconut cluster thing (not very good). So I had my desserts, now I needed my decor. I hit up the ever faithful Dollarama for some of my supplies as I already had some useful things at home like plates and cups. So about $10 later I had a mini  New Year’s party for one going on in my car. Now, let’s fast forward to shooting day.

I brought everything to class and cleverly set it up to look like the end of the night after someone had a few snacks. I even filled a ‘red solo cup’ with pomegranate vitamin water for a red wine feel (super clever, I know. Thank you). Anyway, after I set it all up at my station, I realized how unhappy I was with the way everything looked! It was way too messy it didn’t have the feel I wanted. Just reminded me of a plate that someone left laying around because the food on it wasn’t very good… Right away I was super bummed because I was so looking forward to a good shoot. Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t pleased with the finished product, I was just not as good at arranging as I thought I was going to be. Even glancing around the room and seeing everyone else’s set ups bummed me out because I was thinking to myself like ‘Rachel! Come on, you could have done sooo much better!”

Okay, I probably sound really hard on myself. I’ll let you be the judge. What do you think of the finished product?

Crowell, R - Food

Part of the assignment was to throw the image in photoshop and play around with blur effects and I think that is what really improved my image. Since I know my way around photoshop about as well as a someone navigating a new home in the dark, I used this youtube tutorial to help me with the Gaussian blur effect. Found it hard to follow at first but if you give it a go, let me know. Happy snackin’!


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Love this post, it’s so funny! I feel ya – I assumed this project would be much easier than it was. It requires so much technique! I loved your concept and the final photo turned out great! Good work!


  2. “dessert is for stuffing in your mouth, not photographing” I totally agree with you! Awesome post!
    p.s- I was eating while taking shots haha…I couldn’t help myself 🙂


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